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Culture and art is inseparable unity creating communication just like song and dance sometimes is more understandable then words. Painting is one of most talkative methods of art capable to pas emotionally filled message of what is Song and Dance Celebration for Latvians.
The choir was singing and they were painting their own feelings and thoughts till 22 meters long painting was created named "The worlds′ biggest choir". During The XXIV Nationwide Latvian Song and XIV Dance Celebration ten students of the Art Academy of Latvia, the rector Aleksejs Naumovs and pro-rector Kristaps Zariņš created a painting - dedication to one of thr greatest Latvian traditions - the Song and Dance Celebration what was recorded in the UNESCO list of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2003.
The project The Worlds′ biggest choir can be divided in two phases - art performance and dedication to Anniversary of Latvia - exhibition in central headquarters of UNESCO in Paris on November 27.

Art Performance
The performance was a painting action when a large scale painting was created during the Song and Dance festival. During July 5-12 it was painted by rector of the Art Academy of Latvia Aleksejs Naumovs, pro-rector of the Academy - Kristap Zarins and students - Jānis Dukāts, Kristians Brekte, Dace Gaile, Sandra Muižniece, Ieva Pētersone, Laura Vecmane, Ansis Butnors, Neonilla Medvedeva, Sanda Undzēna and Ansis Brasliņš. The 22 meters long painting consists of 1.45x1.85 m large individual paintings expressing authors′ ideas and feelings about the Song and Dance Celebration. By developing conception of the project a lot of complicated tasks were elaborated for painters - create unity not loosing individuality, give general impression, but be personal. Time of the performance was pretty short for each of artists to test their ability of thinking and working fast, precise and intensive. Interesting was stage of the performance when the artists cooperated to create one composition uniting the paintings. Photos and video was made during the performance. Author of the reel is student of the Baltic Film and Media School Lizete Murovska.

Exhibition on Central Headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.
In honor of the 90th Anniversary of Republic of Latvia an exhibition presenting Latvia and its′ culture will be opened in UNESCO Central Headquarters in Paris on 27th of November. A part of the exposition is dedicated to the performance "The worlds′ biggest painting" exhibiting the video, pictures and most important - the painting made during the performance.
The rest of exposition "Tradition of Song and Dance Celebration in Latvia" is made by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.
Before Paris the painting was displayed in new office of Latvijas Krājbanka. On opening ceremony people had chance to meet the artists and hear their celebration story.
The goal of the project is not just to present uniqueness of Latvian Song and Dance Celebration but also to preserve and transform feeling of unity and vitality of each participant of the celebration trough art.

Authors of the idea: rector of the Art Academy Aleksejs Naumovs, Pro-rector of the Academy - Kristaps Zarins and head of the Department of International relations and exhibitions Elīna Ģibiete
Curator - head of the Department of International relations and exhibitions Elīna Ģibiete
Coordinators - Coordinators of the Department of International Relations and exhibitions Inese Bauģe un Agnese Bloka
Painters: Aleksejs Naumovs, Kristaps Zariņš, Jānis Dukāts, Kristians Brekte, Dace Gaile, Sandra Muižniece, Ieva Pētersone, Laura Vecmane, Ansis Butnors, Sanda Undzēna, Ansis Brasliņš, Neonilla Medvedeva.
Author of the film:
Lizete Murovska, camera assistant Linda Riherte
Photos: Lizete Murovska and Aleksejs Naumovs
Partners: Latvijas Krājbanka (special thanks to president Martins Bondars), Bureau of Latvian Song and Dance Celebrations (special thenks to head of the Bureau Romans Vanags, press secretary Aiva Rozenberga and administrator of press center Ieva Stare) and UNESCO Latvia (special thanks to head of communication and information department Anita Vaivade) and Ministry of Foreign affairs.
Text: Elina Gibiete

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Head of the Department of International relations and exhibitions
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